The Weekly Links: Goodbye Egon, Greatest Happy Meal Toys, Rainbow Brite Themed House

The Weekly Links is back once again to dispense a packet of poppin' and rockin' '80s articles sure to be an explosion of flavor...just don't mix them with soda or your head might explode.

Pretty sad news this week with the passing of Harold Ramis. Ghostbusters is probably my favorite '80s movie and very thankful for the experiences and memories I have of it as a child. I didn't really appreciate the other films he worked on like Stripes, Caddyshack, and National Lampoon's Animal House until I was a bit older. But looking back over his film career this week, I feel like he made many contributions that was on the same level of greatness as Egon Spengler and the Ghostbusters. Along with the article I posted yesterday, here are several articles that paid tribute to the late Harold Ramis:

Why Ghostbusters Is Such An Awesome Architectural Film - Kotaku
Harold Ramis: Watch the comedy legend's best moments - Entertainment Weekly
Bill Murray Issued A Short But Sweet Statement On The Passing Of Harold Ramis - UPROXX

I didn't really see a video this week that made waves like some of the previous weeks. However, I did stumble onto this video (courtesy Kotaku) which shows a guy beating Super Mario Brothers on NES with the lowest possible score. Pretty impressive. It's about 9 minutes long so feel free to warp to the end.

TWL Video of the Week
 - Wow, talk about a time warp. Pizzas on your ears! Wish Radio Shack still sold novelty electronics like this!

 - Hadn't heard this song in years! Another great interview with a blast from the past.

The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s - BuzzFeed
 - Probably my favorite link this week. I remember collecting the Stompers, the pullback racers, and the Muppet Babies.

 - Check out this poster which is a crazy mashup of Donkey Kong character with a Dark Knight theme.

6 Things You Didn’t Know about Perfect Strangers - Pop Rewind
 - Some great facts about the 1986-93 sitcom including Louie Anderson being originally cast as Cousin Larry. Weird...

Make Music like you used to on your Commodore in your Browser with WebSID - Retroist
 - If you recognize the image above, then you remember playing piano using your Commodore 64. Check out this site which incorporates right in your browser.

 - Man, these guys are looking rough. Loved watching wrestling in the '80s and amazed that the "Hulkster" is still going strong.

18 Pricey And Rare He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Toys - BuzzFeed
 - Here is 18 reasons why you need to make a trip to your parents house and dig out your old MOTU figures. Wish I still had mine!!

This Superfan Has A "Rainbow Brite" Themed Home - BuzzFeed
 - Obsessed much?

6 Incredibly Accurate Predictions About TV From 1989 - Gizmodo
 - These kind of things always fascinate me. Makes me wonder though what else they didn't get right.

(Re)Animations: RoboCop The Animated Series - Strange Kids Club
 - Don't remember watching the animated series, probably because it was short-lived and did watch the movies until I was much older. Would love to revisit if it comes to Region 1 or one of the streaming services.

8 Planned Remakes That Shouldn’t Happen - WhatCulture
 - Out of all of the movies on this list, I really hope they don't remake Gremlins. Actually, I don't care because I definitely won't be seeing it as I also refuse to see The Karate Kid remake.

I did, however, see the new Robocop this past weekend and thought it was pretty good. It was a remake practically in name only and could have been called "PoliceBot" and would've still been a good movie. The original isn't that dear to my heart, but I still enjoyed the subtle nods to the original. Very well acted. If they make a sequel, I believe it will be even better than this one.

What's your thoughts on Robocop or remakes in general? Are there some you refuse to see?

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  1. I a recent trawl of YouTube I actually saw the low score Mario, I didn't look into it, but I am guessing there is a sub culture of low score junkies out there? Also watched the Top 10 happy meal toys, had fond memories of many of them, might even have a few laying around somewhere. Good stuff as always!


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