Enter These Pop Culture Tournaments If You Aren't Into Basketball

If you are a basketball fan like me, this week in March is a busy time filling out NCAA March Madness brackets. Seems like I've entered my selections on at least a half dozen sites, trying to win prizes or just to plain show off my bracketology to my friends.

Over the last several years, this week has also been bombarded with some fun pop culture tournaments for those non-sports people to have a little fun. A couple years ago, RD80s even teamed with UnderscoopFire! to determine who had the best '80s moustache in our own tournament. Well, this year is no different. If you are looking to fill out some pop culture brackets, check out the following tournaments that are already underway:

Favorite Movie Songs of the '80s hosted by Stuck in the '80s Blog
 - Steve and the gang are already into round 2 of voting and have released a podcast with round 1 results. Brackets include "Love & Lust" with #1 seed "I Melt With You" from Valley Girl,  "Montage Fodder" with #1 seed "Don't You (Forget About Me) from The Breakfast Club, "Anthems" with #1 seed "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky III, and "Random Access" with #1 seed "Purple Rain." You can also snag the "I Voted" image above to help pass the word.

1984 Movie Madness hosted by Kickin' It Old School 80s Blog
 - What is the best movie that turns 30 this year? Round 1 is still open for voting including the #1 seeds Revenge of the Nerds, Footloose, The Terminator, and Beverly Hills Cop. You can also be entered into a drawing for an 80s prize by liking Kickin' it Old School 80s on Facebook and sharing the tourney.

This Is Madness hosted by StarWars.Com
 - Your favorite Star Wars characters face off again with defending champion Yoda hoping to repeat.

Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Madness hosted by The Geek Twins
 - If Star Wars isn't enough, vote for your favorite Star Trek characters as well and see which sci-fi saga will be left standing in the championship game.

Tournament of Super Powers hosted by UnderScoopFire!
 - Which superhero had the best power? Superman's flight or x-ray vision? Maybe the Flash's superspeed? If the logo below isn't enough to motivate you then I'm not sure what is! 

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  1. Thanks Jason! 2nd round voting in 1984 Movie Madness will begin tonight!

  2. 2nd round voting in the 1984 Movie Madness is now open! You can vote in 2nd round & going forward even if you missed the 1st round.


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