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Retro80s Soundcloud Sampler - April 2014

Over the past couple years I've gotten more into the retrowave music scene. What is retrowave? It's basically modern tracks that have a synthesized '80s sound. Some artists incorporate lyrics while others are primarily instrumental. All have an awesome sound that would be worthy to include on any Miami Vice soundtrack.

Every so often I will open my Soundcloud stream and listen to what my favorite artists have to offer. I've had conversations on Twitter about the music genre and figured there might be enough interest to warrant me putting together a monthly sampler of artists. Each Retro80s Soundcloud Sampler will consist of about an hour's worth of synthesized retrowave music currently available as FREE downloads on Soundcloud (or through other sites like Bandcamp.)

This month's sampler contains tracks from Flash Arnold, Dynatron, Vector Hold, Miami Nights 1984, Starforce, Quasars, FM Attack, Betamaxx, Highway Superstar, Arc Neon, Timecop1983, Rain Sword, and Powerrun. Use the player below to listen to the complete playlist and download your favorite tracks. 

Many thanks to these rad artists for providing free music! If you aren't on Soundcloud yet, you are missing out on some great music! You don't need to sign up to listen or download, but if you do have an account, please connect with the Rediscover The 80s on Soundcloud. You'll find my liked tracks, playlists, and a few original recordings. Let me know what you think of this month's playlist in the comments!
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