The Weekly Links: Goonies Sequel, Guns N' Roses Reunion, Goldbergs Star Wars Episode

Plenty of news to share in this edition of The Weekly Links. Will The Goonies really get a sequel after 30 years? Director Richard Donner seems to think so. Also, very sad news that the wrestler Ultimate Warrior passed away this week just days after making amends with the WWE and being inducted into the hall of fame. And from beyond the grave, Michael Jackson has a new album coming out next month as a teaser is released to his Instagram page.

A semi-reunion of Guns N' Roses will take place as original bassist Duff McKagan joins there current tour. (Your turn, Slash!) Have you been watching The Goldbergs? I'm way behind, but be sure to tune in May 6th for their Star Wars tribute episode. And for you baseball fans, how about a list of Major League fun facts on its 25 anniversary.

The TWL Video of the Week was an easy choice. Thanks to io9, I watched the TV show Community for the first time. Actually, it was just the intro but it was awesome nonetheless. They took the characters of the show and inserted them into a G.I. Joe: Real American Hero animated title sequence. Fun stuff!

Enjoy the video and this week's links!

TWL Video of the Week
"Community - G.I. Joe Opening Title Sequence"
Watch trailer for latest '80s series: AMC's 'Halt and Catch Fire' - Stuck in the '80s
25 Fun Facts About ALF - Mental Floss

Music Links
30 Years Later, Cyndi Lauper Is Still So Unusual - BuzzFeed Rewind
Guns N' Roses to Reunite with Original Bassist Duff McKagan for Tour - Rolling Stone
Bruce Springsteen’s Van Halen Cover Will Make You ‘Jump’ For Joy - UPROXX

Video Game Links
The Clever Nostalgic Hook of Broforce - Castle Geek-Skull
Here's What Tetris on the Side of a 29-Story Skyscraper Looks Like - Gizmodo
Historic Atari E.T. New Mexico dig set to proceed - Polygon

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  1. I checked out Broforce, it's a lot of fun unlocking all the various Bros.


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