The Weekly Links: Run-D.M.C. Album Turns 30, MacGyver Gets Mobile App, Atari Catridge Art Picture Book

The Weekly Links return! Actually, this edition spans two weeks as I took a last week off while I was on vacation. There is plenty to share so I decided to not include my usual commentary with each link.

Seems like every time I go on vacation or when I'm not plugged into the internet as usual, something big happens. Well, the TWL Video of the Week debuted last Thursday while I was making the 8-hour drive home from Florida. The new TMNT movie released its first trailer and I witnessed much backlash over the past week on the Turtles new look. Can't say I'm excited or disappointed at this point, but I am eager to see more footage. What did you think?

TWL Video of the Week
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Official Trailer"

Batman Cereal (1989) Retrospective! - Castle Geek-Skull

Jerry Bruckheimer Says 'Top Gun 2' Will Pit Tom Cruise Against Drones - Huffington Post

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  1. "The Art of Atari: A celebration of game packaging's golden age" or as I call it, a dream come true! I've been hoping someone would undertake this because I would love a great book focusing on that art.


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