The Weekly Links: Ghostbusters Re-release, Tetris Turns 30, Cabbage Patch Kids Makeover

(My brain was so filled with Ghostbusters that I forgot to post this yesterday!) Another great week of 80s nostalgia has come and gone, but in case you missed anything, the The Weekly Links is back to break it all down for you! Now, I just need to find a large piece of cardboard and my ghettoblaster for a proper breakdown.

Here's what I learn this week:
  • I might get a chance to watch one of my favorite movies in the theater again.
  • One of the stars of National Lampoon's Vacation is retiring.
  • Cameron is gonna freak out when he sees what his dad's house sold for.
  • "Attention Kmart Shoppers"...Cabbage Patch Kids are coming back this year.
  • Megatron provided the voice for Stripe in Gremlins.
  • Robert Downey, Jr is converting his experience in rehab into a TV cash cow.
  • Robocop needs some oil on his right shoulder before throwing anymore baseballs.
  • The kid impersonating Michael Jackson at the talent show is a smooth criminal too.
  • National Donut Day had me missing this cereal.

My favorite video of this past week comes from Screen Junkies who are notorious for being honest about the most popular movies of all time. Well, this week they cracked open the vault and told us the truth about Top Gun

TWL Video of the Week
"Top Gun Honest Trailer" by Screen Junkies

'Ghostbusters' gets the call for theatrical re-release -- EXCLUSIVE - Entertainment Weekly
15 ‘Ghostbusters’ Facts That Came, Saw, And Kicked Ass To Help You Celebrate The Movie’s 30th Anniversary - UPROXX
Sorry folks, the National Lampoon’s Vacation roller coaster is closing—moose out front should’ve told you - A.V. Club
"Gremlins" Star Looks Back At 30 Years Of The Iconic Horror-Comedy - BuzzFeed Rewind
Robert Downey Jr. Producing an '80s Rehab Drama - Vulture

ZX Spectum Hardware Clone 'ZX-Uno' In Development - RetroCollect
Unearthed E.T. Atari games will be curated by New Mexico space museum and then sold - Polygon

These Posters Immortalize the Cars From Your Favorite Films - Gizmodo
This book is, well, RAD! - Branded In The '80s
A Creepy Monkey Brain Bowl That You Can Eat Out Of Inspired by ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ - Laughing Squid

Image credits: Gizmodo, Jakks Pacific

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