HEY YOU GUYS!! Check Out The 2014 Hallmark Ornament Lineup!!

Hallmark's radical lineup in 2013 featured many '80s properties and I was pretty sure it could not be topped...I was wrong. Even though last year's ornaments featured a talking K.I.T.T., Papa Smurf, Mork, Rainbow Brite and the Family Truckster that played "Holiday Road", I think this year's lineup takes the cake (or Baby Ruth candy bar.) Hallmark is threatening to break my bank account again with its throwback ornaments in 2014. Check out what you can hang on your tree this year...

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"You can almost hear Sloth's voice reverberating around the cave's walls: "Hey you guys!" Fans of this 1985 adventure will love bringing this unlikely hero home." $14.95
 - YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This is definitely #1 on my list this year. I really hope this is the start of more Goonies ornaments too!
"The SIMON™ light-and-tone sequence recall game started out simple, but quickly progressed to more and more challenging combinations. Press the button on the ornament to see and hear sample sequences that bring back lots of memories of early electronic gaming." $19.95
 - I was a huge Simon fan as a kid. Even though it does make sounds, I think I'd rather have a miniature version that really works.
Flying Time Machine
"With the ability to hover and fly, who needs roads? Back to the Future Part II fans will love adding a tiny replica of the film's soaring time machine to their ornament collection and watching it illuminate with the press of a button." $19.95
 - YES! I missed out on the DeLorean released a couple years ago and I not sure I can pass it up again.
Sorry, Folks!
"They finally arrived at America's Favorite Family Fun Park to find they had the parking lot all to themselves. Press the button on this ornament to hear what the Walley World moose had to say when the Griswold family made their way to the front gates." $19.95
 - "Sorry, folks. hyuck hyuck hyuck!" I can just hear it now! Glad they are keeping the Vacation tradition at Hallmark. Only thing that would've made this ornament better is a punched-in nose.

Jumpin' General Lee
"The Duke clan was always coming up with ways to foible the corrupt plans of crooked county commissioner Boss Hogg. This ornament will have you reminiscing about the adventures that almost always involved their 1969 Dodge Charger, the General Lee." $17.95
- What an action shot! Needs the Dixie horn sound effect though. However, I'm sure my bud Wyatt will be adding it to his Dukes shrine this year.
Scout Trooper
"Introducing this year's addition to the popular Star Wars™ series of Keepsake Ornaments. Exceptionally trained and lightly armored, this eighteenth ornament in the series is ready to take on any mission—including patrolling your Christmas tree." $17.95
 - Nice touch with the dirty boots. Other Star Wars ornaments this year include the Cantina Band and Sandcrawler.
Optimus Prime
"Strong, brave and righteous—that's Optimus Prime. Hang this leader of the Autobots from your tree and he'll make it his mission to protect you and the other inhabitants of Earth all season long." $14.95
 - ROLL OUT! Would have liked for it to feature some sound effects, but very glad they used the classic G1 design and not any of the newer versions.
1989 Batmobile
"Behold the gadget-filled automobile used to help Batman™ fight crime! Press the button on this Batmobile ornament and you'll hear a clip of iconic music from 'The Batman Theme.'" $17.95
 - Good way to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Just please tell me that got the correct theme!!
Cotton Candy
"Cotton Candy™ was a member of the original My Little Pony collection that was released in 1983. Encouraging girls to value strength, loyalty, and friendship, it is no wonder that Cotton Candy™ and the My Little Pony herd are beloved by girls of all ages." $14.95
 - I'm not a Brony...at least not yet. My daughter just turned 8 months but I have a feeling I'll be springing for ornaments like this in the future.
The Legendary Leg Lamp
"Would you look at that! In the shape of a leg, this brilliant lamp stands in all its glory. Attach it to a light string to see the lamp glow." $14.95
 - "Would you look at THAT? What is it? It's a leg!" This is a close #2 on my list this year. Wonder if it comes in a small wooden box with "FRAG-I-LE" written on the top. Also check out the "Bumpuses!" ornament too.

Well, those are my top ten in the 2014 lineup of Hallmark ornaments. Plenty more nostalgia in this year's collection including Jaws, a Xenomorph from AlienThe Walton's house, Clark Griswold in "Squirrel!", a Brady Bunch TV set, roller skates, and "the Zen of Golf" tribute to Caddyshack. You can also flip through the Hallmark Dreambook here to view the complete 2014 collection.

Let me be the first to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

All images courtesy Hallmark.com

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  1. Hallmark Exec 1: "Hey... how can we make a Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Christmas ornament that isn't all.. racist... and stuff?"
    Hallmark Exec 2: "Hmmmm... Well... wasn't that car always busting through stuff? I think I may have an idea... and it's so crazy it just MIGHT work!"

  2. I believe they have a new one in the Christmas Vacation series with the squirrel on Clark's back. That would have to make my Top 10. There are some good ones this year!


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