9 Back To The Future Novelty Items To Celebrate 30 Years (A Little Early!)

The 30th anniversary of Back To The Future is only a few months away now and it seems collector's items are already making waves among fans. Online retailers have seemingly hopped in a DeLorean to stock their virtual shelves with some great novelty items, most of which are available now. I'm sure there will be some more surprises along the way like we've seen this year with Ghostbusters, but I wanted to share what I've already found if you want a head start to celebrating 3 decades of DeLorean time travel.

Gray's Sports Almanac iPad Case - Thanks to a post by the Stuck In The '80s blog, this gem of an iPad case was in my feed recently. This is the easiest way to show your Back To The Future love with something you use everyday. You can find it on Vat19.com for $35 and fits iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation and iPad Retina 4th generation tablets. Also check out the '80s chessetastic commercial for it below...

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger - Talk about an April Fool's joke gone right. Think Geek initially debuted the Flux Capacitor charger as a joke, but recently announced at Comic-Con it will be producing them FOR REAL! Going price is $25 on the Think Geek website and will be available September 2014. You can setup an email alert on the product page so you don't forget!
LEGO DeLorean Time Machine - This LEGO set has been out for awhile now, but if you were hesitant to pull the trigger because of the price, your wait was worth it. Starting out around the $40-50 range, you can now snag the set for $35 on Amazon and eligible for Prime shipping. I actually own the set and it's way cool how you can interchange the parts to create all three DeLoreans. And the minifigs are awesome!
Hot Wheels Retro Marty's 1987 Toyota Pickup - The latest wave of the Hot Wheels Retro series features Marty's beloved black Toyota 4 x4. If your lucky enough to find one in your local Walmart toy aisle, the retail price is $5. Expect to pay a little more at Toys R' Us or if you want a good online price, you can snag one on Amazon for a little over $11. I'd also check out eBay.
ReAction Figures - Earlier this year, Funko announced production of several retro action figures based on '80s movie franchises. Among them are BTTF figures based on Marty, Doc, Biff, and George featuring the classic 5 points of articulation. You can purchase the figures now from Entertainment Earth for $10 each.
Marty Costume T-shirt - If your looking for an easy Halloween costume this year, check out this shirt available at 80s Tees for $25 - $33 depending on size. The price is a little steep for a shirt but it does wrap all the way around. It's also definitely easier than finding a "life preserver" at your local thrift shop.
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Marty McFly Figure - If you followed Comic-Con this year then this figure probably popped up in your feed. If you were like me and didn't get to go, you are stuck with the jaw-dropping prices they are going for on eBay. But this is probably the most screen accurate and detail figure that will ever be offered and the manufacturer is in Hong Kong. Happy bidding!
Back To The Future: The Card Game - Not a new item, but was recently announced by the BTTF Twitter account that it's been discontinued. Best price I've found is on Amazon for $13. My pal Shawn Robare gives an in-depth review over at Branded in the 80s if you want to see what's inside the box.
BTTF Almanac 1985-2015 Official Memorabilia Guide - Saved the best for last with this recently announced memorabilia guide which will cover items from the movie trilogy, animated series, the Universal Studios ride, and more! It will be released in time for the 30th anniversary and pre-orders will receive a full set of promotional trading cards. Price is $60 from bttfalmanac.com

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