The Weekly Links: New He-Man Art Book, NES Grunge Music, Zelda Virtual Reality

The Weekly Links, The Weekly Links, Thaaaaaaaa Weekly Links! We've finally made it to Friday again which means it's time to offer up some of the best nostalgic stories from this past week. Here's a few things I learned first:

My favorite video this week was the upcoming trailer for the E.T. landfill documentary titled Atari: Game Over. For those of us who don't have an Xbox, I'm hoping it gets released online later so I have a chance to watch it. I still say too much blame if put on the E.T. game, but maybe after hearing some first hand reaction to the fallout my opinion might be altered slightly.

TWL Video of the Week
"Atari: Game Over Trailer" by Xbox

Fighting Fire With Fire: Metallica Look Back on 'Ride the Lightning' - Rolling Stone

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  1. Who, I missed the news on Wizards & Warriors! I know I'll eventually pick that up.