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Watch All 30 Episodes of VH1's 'I Love The 80s' on YouTube!

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is "I Love the 80s" that first aired in December 2002 on VH1. (Big surprise, right?) I remember watching and laughing hysterically at the celebrity commentary on all of the topics. For several years, it became one of those TV shows that if I was flipping through channels and saw it was on, I was watching.

"I Love the 80s" came about thanks to a BBC series of the same name that aired in 2001. The success of the show would encourage VH1 to produce two other series based on the '70s and '90s decades that aired around that same time. The '80s series would also spawn two sequels, "I Love the 80s Strike Back" and "I Love the 80s 3-D". After VH1 had enough of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, "I Love" shows would continue on with toys, holidays, the new millennium, and the 2000's decade.

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None of the shows have every been released to DVD (which is a shame) and finding episodes on YouTube has been scarce...until now! I recently stumbled onto all 30 episodes of the '80s shows on YouTube! I'm pretty sure these will probably be taken down at some point, so enjoy while you can! 

"I Love the 80s" (embedded below)

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