The Weekly Links: Full House Reboot, Iron Maiden Reissues Vinyl Albums, Movie Arcades Supercut

Hello fellow '80s buffs! Time once again to wrap up the week that was in '80s nostalgia. As you might have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. The reason is I'm finally working on the 2nd episode of the RD80s podcast! That's right, the podcast isn't dead! Hope to release a new episode in September with more to follow this year. But even though I haven't been blogging, I've still been posting stories to Facebook and Twitter and will be compiling them here on The Weekly Links. Here's some things I learned this week.

  • The Ghostbusters 30th re-release is in theaters this weekend and in my city!! I'm taking my oldest son on Labor Day so he can experience it for the first time.
  • And speaking of Ghostbusters, the honest trailer released this week was pretty darn funny.
  • I could watch this supercut of the spaceship scene from Flight Of The Navigator all day. (thanks Retriost)
  • In contrast, 10 seconds was too long to watch this live-action version of Prince Adam singing 4 Non Blondes.
  • Micro Machines comeback? Yes, please. But only if fast-talker John Moschitta is used in their marketing campaign again.

The video of the week was one I just watched today. Thanks to this post by UPROXX, I stumbled on to a supercut of video arcades in film that was put together by Huff Post. It's almost 4 minutes of pure quarter-feeding nostalgia that will make you want to ask your mom for your allowance.

TWL Video of the Week
"Arcades In the Movies" by Huffington Post Movie Mashups

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Video Games
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  1. That video game video was awesome. I forgot about the Killer Shark game, used to play that all the time.


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