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The Weekly Links: Saved By The Bell Turns 25, '80s Keyboard Solo Medley, Ghostbusters Lego Movie

Welcome back to another round of The Weekly Links, a comprehensive dose of the best '80s nostalgia from this past week. One of the most interesting stories was that Disney may be considering a Blu-ray release of the original theatrical Star Wars trilogy...really? Isn't that kind of defeating the point? If fanboys want the un-special editions of these movies, they should go hunt VHS copies at their local antique mall which would be a truer experience. I guess the point of all this is cleaning up the original trilogy and forgetting what George Lucas did in the mid 90s which I could get behind. But does Disney really need an excuse to make more money?

Here are some other things I learned this week:

  • Stallone wanted to "strangle" Schwarzenegger back in their action movie hey day.
  • This Rubik's cube is probably the most traveled ever.
  • Cereal mascots should've had their own action figures.
  • Molly Ringwald showed how cool it is to see yourself immortalized on a DVD display at Target.
  • Pierce Brosnan interviewed for the lead role in Tim Burton's Batman.
  • Josh Brolin already has his costume ready if Goonies 2 happens.
  • The Blade Runner police spinner looks so good in Lego.

The video of the week really didn't have any competition in the battle for being immortalized on TWL (is it possible to be immortalized on a blog? Oh well.) Thanks to Neatorama, I stumbled onto a Ghostbusters short film in Lego. And I love the fact that they had fun with it and it wasn't just a straight recreation. Homer Simpson as Slimer...funny.

TWL Video of the Week
"The LEGO Ghostbusters Movie" by MonsieurCaron




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