My 8 Favorite Masters of the Universe Magazine Posters

The original Masters of the Universe Magazine published 16 quarterly issues between 1985-88. More than your average comic book, each issue of MOTU contained a couple featured adventures, a letter from He-Man himself, a mailbox to write in letters to the editor, movie/TV reviews, several games/puzzles and much more. My favorite part of the magazine though was definitely the collector posters.

These posters could be gently removed from the magazine and then displayed for all to see. Over the course of the magazine's run, artist Earl Norem would create 23 original masterpieces highlighting specific characters or epic battle scenes. Thanks to the He-Man.Org website, you can view scans of every page of every issue! Here are my 8 favorite posters from Masters of the Universe magazine...

Poster #2

Poster #5

Poster #7

Poster #13

Poster #18

Poster #19

Poster #22

Poster #23

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