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The Weekly Links: Official Marty McFly Nikes, Dukes of Hazzard Recreated In GTA V, Rock N' Wrestling Returns

Thanks for visiting RD80s each Friday for your weekly wrap-up of nostalgia...The Weekly Links! AND thanks for all the awesome feedback on episode 2 of the podcast. Think it's safe to say that everyone was pleased with its return and I can't wait to begin working on episode 3!

Had a busy week over at the other site I help host but I've kept one eye on the '80s content coming through my feed. Here are a few things I happened to learn this week:

  • Luke Duke didn't get much love from nightshirt manufacturers back in the day.
  • Miami Vice is turning 30 later this month and the entire series is now available online.
  • Fairground rides were pretty rad when they incorporated movie themes.
  • Ghostbusters 30th anniversary just got sweeter thanks to these Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Some serious Play-Doh molders recreated sets from Ferris Bueller and Saved By the Bell.
  • This He-Man fan film trailer gives the franchise some hope.
  • Dan Akroyd wants more than just a Ghostbusters sequel. Who ya gonna call to pull that off, Danny boy?

My favorite video this week features a guided tour through New York City by Ernie Hudson to visit shooting locations for Ghostbusters! And if his narration wasn't enough, EW incorporated some awesome "then and now " effects throughout the whole video...

TWL Video of the Week
"Ghostbusters' Tour of NYC with Ernie Hudson"
by Entertainment Weekly
Real archaeologists think Indiana Jones is just a low-down, dirty tomb raider - The A.V. Club
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24 Signs You're Basil From "The Great Mouse Detective" - BuzzFeed Rewind
'Facts of Life' Reunion: Cast on Kissing George Clooney, "Bad" Behavior and the Show's Odds of Success Today - The Hollywood Reporter
They’re Adding Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling To WWE Network And My Life’s Almost Complete - UPROXX
1981 News Report on the Internet is Now Hilarious - Neatorama
Chevy Chase-Beverly D'Angelo Comedy Moving Forward at ABC - The Hollywood Report
Bring That Back: 80s And 90s Sitcoms We Wouldn't Mind Making A Comeback - Madame Noire
Here's What the New Danger Mouse Will Look and Sound Like - Topless Robot
Watch the 'Orange Is the New Black' Credits With the 'Golden Girls' Theme Song - The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I guess I haven't visited in awhile, love the new site design!

    1. THANKS! Always appreciate your feedback and comments!

      Actually was just fooling around with it yesterday, so you haven't missed much. Will be tweaking a little more this week.


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