Thanks for visiting RD80s each Friday for your weekly wrap-up of nostalgia...The Weekly Links! AND thanks for all the awesome feedback on episode 2 of the podcast. Think it's safe to say that everyone was pleased with its return and I can't wait to begin working on episode 3!

Had a busy week over at the other site I help host but I've kept one eye on the '80s content coming through my feed. Here are a few things I happened to learn this week:

  • Luke Duke didn't get much love from nightshirt manufacturers back in the day.
  • Miami Vice is turning 30 later this month and the entire series is now available online.
  • Fairground rides were pretty rad when they incorporated movie themes.
  • Ghostbusters 30th anniversary just got sweeter thanks to these Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Some serious Play-Doh molders recreated sets from Ferris Bueller and Saved By the Bell.
  • This He-Man fan film trailer gives the franchise some hope.
  • Dan Akroyd wants more than just a Ghostbusters sequel. Who ya gonna call to pull that off, Danny boy?

My favorite video this week features a guided tour through New York City by Ernie Hudson to visit shooting locations for Ghostbusters! And if his narration wasn't enough, EW incorporated some awesome "then and now " effects throughout the whole video...

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"Ghostbusters' Tour of NYC with Ernie Hudson"
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