The Weekly Links: Supergirl, Greatest American Hero, And CHiPs All Being Remade

Welcome retro-holics to another edition of The Weekly Links! Time to once again take a look at the '80s nostaliga that popped up in this past week's headlines. My week included a trip to the theater on labor to day with my 9 year old son to see Ghostbusters. What an awesome experience it was to share with him for the first time, one of the movies that first made an impact on me. Here is some other stuff I learned this week:

The video of the week comes from Mashable and features our favorite F.L.A.G. employee and the original smart car. David Hasselhoff wants to tell us about the new Samsung Smart Home technology and K.I.T.T. is not impressed. In fact, K.I.T.T. expresses his opinion to his ungrateful partner by finding a new one! Check out the hilarious ad below...

TWL Video of the Week
"Samsung Smart Home Ad Featuring David Hasselhoff and KITT" 
by Mashable

Now check out what else happened this week in movies, TV, video games, music, and culture...

Shortlist revealed for the new Snake Plissken - Den Of Geek
21 Reasons Why Fievel The Mouse Was The Hero We All Needed As Kids - BuzzFeed Rewind
19 Inconceivable Facts About The Making Of "The Princess Bride" - Mashable
Dax Shepard Making 'CHiPS' Movie for Warner Bros. -The Hollywood Reporter
The Most Important Lessons We Learned From Mr. Shoop In ‘Summer School’ - UPROXX
What's the Greatest John Hughes Movie of All Time? - Mashable
Back To The Future musical delayed to 2016, director leaves - Den Of Geek

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