Netflix '80s Fix: A Most Excellent October

Party on, Netflix dudes! October brings a great selection of new movies to instant subscribers. You'll be able to time travel, dance seductively, join the circus, and save Christmas way before December even arrives.

The '80s Pop Twenty returns with some new entries and also catch my "not-so" underrated flick this month for some added rNetflix fun. Time to get your October fix!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)
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High school underachievers Bill and Ted will flunk out if they don't ace a year-end history presentation, so they transport themselves back in time.

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." Been years since I watched this movie, but kinda seems like it was yesterday at the same time. (Must be time travel movies.) Anyway, with the recent talks of a sequel, I will be revisiting this month.

Big Top Pee-Wee (1988)
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Pee-Wee Herman joins the circus when a giant storm deposits a big-top tent -- and the menagerie to go with it -- in his front yard.

I've seen this movie maybe once in its entirety a LONG time ago. The original film was one I watched many times as a kid and I guess by the time Big Top Pee-Wee came out, I was past the Pee-Wee Herman phase of my Saturday mornings. Will be saving this movie for after I rediscover Big Adventure.

Dirty Dancing (1987)
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While spending summer with her family in the mountains, 17-year-old Frances falls in love with the resort's free-spirited dance instructor.

Nobody puts Dirty Dancing in a Netflix corner...except maybe me. Yeah, I'm a guy who thinks the soundtrack was far better than the actual movie so take my corner-putting with a grain of salt.

Three Fugitives (1988)
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Fresh out of prison, former stickup man Daniel Lucas finds himself taken hostage at a bank by would-be robber Ned Perry, and the cops -- aware of Lucas's history -- naturally assume the two are a team.

You know those movies that you've watched probably way more than the average person. Three Fugitives is that way for me. I remember renting this movie several times in the late 80s/early 90s and really enjoying it. Might be my favorite role for Martin Short.

Annie (1982)
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This adaptation of the smash Broadway musical follows America's favorite urchin as she captures Daddy Warbucks's heart with her unquenchable optimism.

Just in time to prep you for the remake starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz, the original Broadway adaptation of Annie is here.

The Phantom of the Opera (1989)
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An emotionally and physically scarred man known as the Phantom haunts a contemporary opera house in search of a maiden he can groom to be a diva.

If your a horror fan and your significant other wants to watch Phantom of the Opera, I'd suggest this version starring Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1989)
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When Santa Claus decides to retire and pass on his magic bag of Christmas surprises to a new St. Nick, A perky teen runaway and hapless taxi driver Ernest P. Worrell must convince a skeptical kids-show host to take over the post of Father Christmas.

Definitely my favorite Ernest movie and so thrilled it's on Netflix and I don't have to watch it on YouTube this year. BUT...will it stay through Christmas because I have strict guidelines about watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving Day.

Woody Allen fans should be excited to know that five of his films from the '80s have been added including The Purple Rose of Cairo. Trekkies can rejoice that The Voyage Home and The Final Frontier films have been added. Also check out A Room With A View and Evil Dead 2.

'80s Pop Twenty
Here are the 20 most popular '80s movies currently available on Netflix. Bill & Ted and Adrian Cronauer enter the list strong while Roger Rabbit continues to reign as king of Netflix.

  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (5th consecutive month)
  2. The Untouchables (no change)
  3. Ghostbusters (no change)
  4. The Breakfast Club (no change)
  5. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (new)
  6. Big Trouble in Little China (-1)
  7. Good Morning, Vietnam (new)
  8. Das Boot: Director's Cut (-2)
  9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (-2)
  10. Manhunter (-2)
  11. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (-2)
  12. The Thin Blue Line (-2)
  13. Clue (-2)
  14. Romancing the Stone (-2)
  15. The Great Outdoors (-2)
  16. Day of the Dead (-2)
  17. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (-2)
  18. Trading Places (-2)
  19. Adventures in Babysitting (-2)
  20. Beverly Hills Cop (-2)

Dropping out of the top 20 was Say Anything... and Heathers.

Overlooked and Underrated...

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1989)
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A businessman trying to get home for Thanksgiving runs into numerous disasters, including being stuck with an uncouth, unshakable traveling companion.

Okay, so this is a stretch for an "underrated" movie (at least among my friends), but don't overlook it come because my guess is a network will pick it up next month for the Thanksgiving season and it will be gone from Netflix. Just keep in mind, if you want to watch the unedited R version you should fire it up before October 31.

If you've missed a previous month's post, check the Netflix '80s Fix archive. Some featured titles could still be available to stream. Also, feel free to comment with any movies or shows you've recently rediscovered.

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