The Weekly Links: 'Tetris' Movie, 'Big' TV Series, 'The Oregon Trail' Video Game Gets Real-Life Reenactment

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! This week, RD80s turned 3 years old! I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting, liking, retweeting, and listening over the years. The website has really evolved and it's truly been an awesome ride to meet retroholics like myself and also connect with other similar sites/blogs across the web.

One key for me to keeping it fresh has been to never be satisfied. Not that I don't get satisfaction from writing an article or producing a podcast about the '80s, but I like to make improvements whenever I see the need or get feedback from followers. I wish I had even more time than I've put in over these 3 years, but I am grateful for what I've been able to achieve. I've learned alot and continue to learn more each week. Here is part of the retro education I received this past week:

  • Knight Rider is coming back to TV! Wait, with Dale Jr.? And with a sensitive K.I.T.T?
  • Netflix added a good group of '80s movies to its streaming service this month.
  • Remember when you weren't cool unless you had a design on your jeans butt pocket?
  • Sports Illustrated had some pretty ridiculous ways to sell subscriptions in the '80s.
  • Rambo is getting his own NECA NES action figure, but he looks more like Contra.
  • A new Indiana Jones might be announced soon. Shouldn't we get to vote at this point?
  • How can a new Voltron toy cost as much as the awesome diecast one released in the '80s?
  • Saturday morning cartoons have officially died. Would your Top Ten include anything outside the '80s?

Easily my favorite video this week and surprisingly not Ghostbusters related! The Dutch reality show SYNDROOM recently gave a Knight Rider fan with down syndrome the opportunity of a lifetime. He was flown to L.A. and David Hasselhoff invited him for a ride on the freeway in K.I.T.T.!! Can you imagine??!!

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  1. How were there more than the two bad NFL music videos that I'm aware of?

    1. I know, right? Some serious research into that list.


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