Jem, Stretch Armstrong, Skeletor Among Toys In New 'Happy Honda Days' Ad Campaign

As we children of the '80s approach the age of 40 and become more solidified in our careers, it's becoming more obvious that companies want to tap into our spending power. The latest to do so is the car manufacturer Honda. Instead of the usual holiday sale commercials, they've handed over the selling responsibilities to toys...our toys.

Honda's 2014 "Happy Honda Days" series of holiday ads feature sales pitches from Skeletor, Jem (with a special G.I. Joe appearance), Stretch Armstrong, Strawberry Shortcake (with friends), Little People, and Gumby (with his pal Pokey.) I remember all of these being a part of my childhood era so it does feel like Honda is appealing directly to me. I think it's a pretty good strategy as most of us are nostalgic for that time (some even a little obsessive like me.) Will these new ads get me into a Honda store this Christmas? Probably not, mainly because I'm not in the market for a car. But appealing to our childhood memories and trying to link a product to them is a great marketing strategy that I imagine will work on me at some point.

I've embedded all 6 TV commercials below. I think my favorite is Stretch Armstrong when he "kisses the guns." What's your favorite?

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