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The Weekly Links: Back To The Future Cruise, Songs From The Big Chair Boxset, Adult-sized Underoos

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! It's been another fun week on RD80s. First, I told you about the great new Ghostbusters Pinball app that I'm addicted to. Still trying to defeat Stay Puft and complete the 5 goals which has been challenging but still fun. Then on Tuesday my pal Shawn who runs Branded In The 80s tweeted a funny Honda commercial featuring Jem and G.I. Joe. and that led me to sharing the new Honda Days ad campaign. The six ads feature several toy characters from the '80s pitching new Honda cars. My favorite is the one featuring Stretch Armstrong. Yesterday was my birthday, so what did I buy with my birthday money? I finally snagged the complete Street Hawk series on DVD that's been sitting in my Amazon wish list forever. I also bought a Zapper Gun for my retro NES console. They'll be plenty of hyperthrusting and duck shooting action at my house in the near future!

Several great videos popped in my feed this week, but I really enjoyed episode 2 of "Super Bad Mario" thanks to Laughing Squid. The premise for the series is taking blooper videos and inserting Mario (and now Luigi) into the situation to make it seem like the brothers caused each accident. For someone like me who enjoys AFV from time-to-time, it's very amusing. There is some language in it (and in episode 1) so I wouldn't sit down with the family to watch...

TWL Video of the Week
"Super Bad Mario - Episode 2" by Pastek

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