Game Review: Pitfall Harry Runs With The Best

One of my all-time favorites on Atari 2600 was the Activision game Pitfall. There was just something about the treasure hunt adventure of swinging over crocodiles and avoiding scorpions that intrigued me as a kid. It was a relatively simple game that anyone could play, but still posed a challenge within its maze of misfortunate. I was never good enough to achieve a perfect score, but it was still fun and in my regular cartridge rotation.

To my nostalgic delight, I was recently in the Google Play store and followed a recommendation to experience a new version of Pitfall! In this endless runner style game, Harry joins the HD world as a whip weilding, rope swinging adventurer that is a fun modern re-imagining of his 30-year old self.

Early in my tablet gaming history, my boys directed me toward the Temple Run series which I enjoy. Pitfall is very similar but actually adds a few more elements into the finger-swiping marathon. The rope swing is still incorporated in the game and just as fun as ever. As mentioned earlier, Harry also carries a whip that you can use on the traditional scorpion and crocodile obstacles in your path.

Pitfall is not just about running though. Like in Temple Run 2 where mine cars and water slides are incorporated, Harry also gets to take a break from just running. Pitfall features a mine car ride with similar maneuverability to its Temple Run counterpart, but Harry also gets a motorcycle to ride through the jungle with multiple path choices to make.

What I really like about the game is the use of multiple camera angles. Typically the endless runner games only offer the behind view of the character, but Pitfall incorporates some different angles into the action. There is a 45 degree view from behind as well as a 90 degree side view that not only breaks the monotony but also add a level of challenge.

The game was actually published on Pitfall's 30th anniversary so some of you might have already experienced it. If you are like me and are late to the show but enjoy endless runner games like Minion Rush and Sonic Dash, I'd recommend giving Pitfall a chance. It currently holds a 4/5 star rating in all stores. Plus, it's free to download with optional in-app purchases available to help you advance in the game.

Find it now in iTunes and Google Play.

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