Nanoarcade Kickstarter Project Channels '80s Tabletop Arcade Machines

Remember playing those Coleco tabletop arcade games in the '80s? I owned the Donkey Kong game and remember a friend having the Pac-Man game. They were very fun and an easiest way to own an arcade machine as a kid. 

Well, a new Kickstarter campaign came to my attention that brings back the feel of those tabletop arcade machines! Nanoarcade takes the nostalgic hands-on experience to a whole new level by offering a mini-arcade console that runs open source Java-based J2ME games. Watch this video to get the details...
I've seen those iPad consoles that can somewhat give you the tabletop experience, but Nanoarcade by far seems to be a true retrogaming experience while offering the most availability and portability you would want in a mini-arcade console. Plus the power button is a faux coin slot! How rad is that?!
Here is more information on the design and gaming flexibility:
The Design: We sought to replicate the look and feel of an actual retro arcade machine, so we went ahead and designed Nanoarcade to be one-tenth the size of an actual video game machine. A fully-functional arcade machine with a 360-degree precision joystick and six action buttons, for your favorite action games.
The Flexibility: The key to the success of any gaming console is the availability of games and lots of them. Because Nanoarcade runs Java-based games, you will never be faced with a shortage of the popular classics. We have also designed the user interface to be simple and easy to use. The install and uninstall process flow is minimal and intuitive so that you can get your favorite games up and running in no time. We are a bunch of game designers that love creating new games for people to enjoy. In the past we have created over a hundred J2ME games, and with every shipped Nanoarcade console we will also pre-load a few selected games we have created, exclusively for Kickstarter supporters. And if you see any other games you like you can simply install them using our built-in MicroUSB 2.0 port.
I'm definitely on board to support this project with a price less than what you would pay for a new major console game. Early birds can snag a Nanoarcade for $39 or $75 for two. Just three days into the project it's already halfway funded so get in now by visiting the Nanoarcade Kickstarter page!

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