The Weekly Links: Back To The Future 2 Concept Art, Motley Crue Biopic Gets 'Jackass' Director, Guy Uses Power Glove At His Job

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! Some great stuff to share this week, but wanted to remind everyone that there are just 3 days left to get a "30 Years of Never Say Die!" exclusive RD80s t-shirt! The minimum print goal was achieved and now a few remain to reach the overall goal of 30 shirts. Thanks to all the Goonies fans!

I found a couple Kickstarter campaigns this week that got me excited. I blogged about the Nanoarcade tabletop video game machine which reminded me of playing my Coleco Donkey King game as a kid. At last check, it was already at 84% with 25 days to go. Another that is already funded with still 22 days left features Freezy Freakies color-changing winter gloves. I also remember these as well and they now come in adult sizes!

Also this week, I compiled a list of '80s ballads that surprisingly feature killer guitar solos. Not all have the same level of surprise so I decided to rate each on a surprise scale of 1-10. It's not everyday you put together a list with Martika and Linda Rondstat/James Ingram along with Night Ranger and Toto.

My favorite video this week came courtesy of Kotaku and features a hilarious mashup of Super Mario with the Liam Neeson film Taken. The parody movie trailer features the princess being kidnapped with Mario (and his Italian accent) ready to use his special skills to find her. Make sure you watch through the end! Funny stuff!

TWL Video of the Week
"Super Mario Taken (Parody Trailer)" by WTFLOL

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