Retrocon 2024

Take The Stage Using This '80s Band Name Generator!

I've seen some fun name generators using '80s themes make their rounds on the web. Loot Crate put a Transformers name generator on the box of a recent shipment. Our pals at UnderScoopFire! seem love them too creating codename generators for both G.I. Joe and Cobra, plus a recent one for Masters of the Universe. Well, it's time I get in on all the fun!

So you've put together this great '80s tribute band and now you need a name that's worthy of the music you perform. Well, here's an easy way to generate your own band name using '80s slang and characters! Use your first, middle, and last initials in the chart below to select your lead singer, band adjective, and backup band name. Put them all together and let me know your band name in the comments! My band is "Johnny 5 and the Heinous Goobers!"

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