The Weekly Links: Live-Action Battlecat Revealed, 'We Are The World' Turns 30, Cobra Rattler Transformer

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! I had a pretty fun week, rediscovering some '80s movies and wishing I had an extra $50 in my pocket to buy some custom action figures.

Earlier in the week, I continued the monthly tradition of the Netflix '80s Fix. A much better selection was added compared to last month so check it out. Just last night I watched Explorers for the first time with my boys. I gotta got weird, but it was fun watching a young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix.

Just yesterday I posted some custom Atari action figures that had me wishing were real. Amazing what you can do with some spare parts and an imagination. A few extras were posted on eBay so make sure you check out the link.

Also with it being March, pop culture madness tournaments will be popping up online. One I recommend is hosted by my 80s pal Tim over at Kickin' It Old School. For the 2nd year in a row it's Movie Madness with this years field made up of 1985 films! The tourney is already into the 2nd round so vote for your favorites today on Challonge!

There was an abundance of fun videos this week, but my favorite was this LEGO recreation of the clocktower scene in Back To The Future I found thanks to Mashable. It really proves the point that everything is awesome when its created with interlocking bricks!

TWL Video of the Week
"LEGO Back To The Future" by Macro Lego Universe

Enjoy the rest of this week's links! And don't forget to connect with RD80s' sister site Rad Retro Stuff and its social media feeds for deals, giveaways, and news on all things retro and collectible!





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