The Weekly Links: Blue Brothers Recording Label, Modern Kids React To VCRs, Mr. T Pities Tools

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! We had another week of retro-infused movie and TV announcements which seems to be more and more commonplace in this wrap-up. 

All the Ghostbusters talk got me thinking earlier this week about what could happen to Ecto-1. Will the new films even have it? If they do, will they keep the old look or give it a modern update? Well, I came up with 5 possibilities for Ecto-1 in the new films that could either upset us purists or perhaps be something we can tolerate.

Well, my basketball bracket is already busted so I'm relying on the pop culture tournaments to ease my pain. The Kickin' It Old School 1985 Movie Madness Tournament is down to the Elite 8! Vote for your favorites now. And also check out the Next Big Reboot Tournament over at UnderScoopFire! and connect with their social media to vote for your choices.

My favorite video this week should come as no surprise. From the time I first heard about the feature-length film Pixels, I was excited. I could care less if Adam Sandler redeems himself from his decade of mediocrity in the film industry. To me the true stars of the film will be the video game characters and I could care less about what actors will be in it. This week, the first full-length trailer was released and I gotta say, it's become the 5th film in 2015 that will be a must-see in the theater for me. Take a look and tell me what you think about the film in the comments...

TWL Video of the Week
"Pixels - Trailer" by IGN

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!

Villain Throw-Down - Cartoon Express Podcast




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  1. Funny thought. Just today I was talking to my parents as we are all getting ready for a annual City Clean-Up Day. I mentioned to my Mom not to throw away this little TV/VCR combo she has of my late Grandmas. I still have a nice handful of VHS tapes that I like to watch from time to time. She suggested that I have them converted to a DVD. Not the same Mom, not the same...

    1. Ha. Yes, I refuse to convert mostly because I'm cheap but I like that my boys have the experience of actually using a VCR.


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