Lobby Cards Tumblr Gives Rare Look At '80s Movies

I recently stumbled onto a treasure trove of rare imagery from '80s cinema. The Lobby Cards Tumblr blog is a visual history of the printed advertisements known as "lobby cards" used by film studios beginning in 1908. These 11 x 14 prints came in sets of 8 or more with the sole purpose of luring the public into the movie theaters.

Rarely used now, lobby cards are highly collectible by film fans looking for a piece of cinema history. The Lobby Card Tumblr blog posts images from US cards and also many foreign cards, some which contain different images from their US counterparts. The blog also enables the viewer to search its library alphabetically by movie titles so fans can quickly find their favorites. 

Most cards feature simple screenshots from their film, but the ones I enjoy are those behind-the-scenes and promo shots that are rarely seen. You might have seen me reblog a few images on the RD80s Tumblr, but I thought I'd share a few favorites from the '80s (including the fantastic Ghostbusters II headline image) that are waiting to be discovered at the Lobby Card Tumblr blog...

Batman, US lobby card. 1989

Beverly Hills Cop, German lobby card. West German theatrical release 1985

The Goonies, Spanish lobby card. 1985

Stripes, US lobby card. 1981

Spaceballs, US lobby card. 1987

Octopussy, German lobby card #23. 1983

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, French lobby card. 1986

Superman II, Spanish lobby card. 1980

Back to the Future, German lobby card. 1985

All images courtesy Lobby Cards Tumblr

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