The Weekly Links: 'Unauthorized Full House' Cast Revealed, 'The Goonies' Turns 30, Garbage Pail Adults

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! It's been a short week since the last TWL, but I've still managed to jam-pack many links into this edition!

If you are in Estoria, OR this weekend, I envy you!! The Goonies 30th anniversary celebration is already under way. Check out the infographic I posted yesterday and if you are into documentaries, you need to watch the No Small Parts short film on Anne Ramsey. It's a great history lesson on her roles before and after Mama Fratelli.

Here are a few more RD80s articles posted this week:

The video of the week was definitely an easy choice as I really enjoyed watching these kids react to G1 Transformers. As a dad of 10 and 8 year old boys, I gotta say my kids would've never appeared on this video. My '80s influence started when they were young, so let this video be a lesson to you parents out there...subject your kids to old '80s cartoons! They won't like them all, but I guarantee there will be at least one show they will really enjoy.

TWL Video of the Week
"Kids React to Old Transformers Vs. New Transformers" by TheFineBros

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!!!

Robert Davi Spills Fratelli Family Secrets as 'Goonies' Turns 30 - Yahoo! Movies
'The Goonies' Is Turning 30, and There's a Weeklong Festival to Celebrate - Yahoo! Movies
Name the Cliques That Support Ferris Bueller - Mental Floss
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Did 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Take Place on June 5, 1985? - Hollywood Reporter
Why John Hughes ruled the 1980s -
This Mashup Of "Truffle Butter" And "The Goonies" Will Ruin Your Childhood - BuzzFeed Rewind
Steve Martin on Steve Martin: Actor Looks Back at 6 of His Biggest Movies - Hollywood Reporter
Exclusive 'Vacation' Trailer: Rusty Griswold Nerds Out and Smacks Down - Yahoo! Movies
James Wan Officially Set to Direct Both AQUAMAN and ROBOTECH Films - Nerdist
Lost Indiana Jones Script - Cereal Prize
Turns out a bunch of the bad guys in ‘80s movies were actually right - A.V. Club
15 Huge Facts About 'Big' - Mental Floss
Flight Of The Navigator remake: "I think it's moved on" - Den of Geek
What's the best werewolf movie of the 1980s? - HitFix
Remember That 80s Fantasy Short Black Angel? It's Becoming a Movie - Overmental
Melissa McCarthy Teases the 'Ghostbusters' Reboot on Howard Stern - Yahoo! Movies
James Bond 007: revisiting A View To A Kill - Den of Geek
Betsy Palmer, Actress in 'Friday the 13th,' Dies at 88 - Hollywood Reporter

‘Mega Man’ Video Game Franchise Heads To TV As Animated Series - Deadline
Have Mercy On The Cast Of Lifetime’s Unauthorized ‘Full House’ Movie - UPROXX
'Cheers' Stage Show Being Developed By CBS - Rolling Stone
The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Soundtrack Is A Strange Artifact That Will Give You A Zack Attack - UPROXX
How 'Small Wonder' Programmed Itself Into a Hit - Mental Floss
15 Clickbait 'TV Guide' Covers From the '80s - Mental Floss
A Brief History of CNN’s First Day on the Air, 35 Years Ago - Mental Floss
10 Awesomely '80s Electronic Prizes From 'Press Your Luck' - Mental Floss
An ’83 AfterSchool Special with David Letterman about VOYAGERS! - Retroist

Brooklyn Musician Performs an A Capella Jazz Version of ‘Take On Me’ by A-ha - Laughing Squid
'Games of Thrones' Meets 'Thriller' in New Mash-Up: Watch - Billboard
The 10 Cutest Guys From 1980s New Wave - Papermag
John Oates Launches TV Show Spotlighting Roots Music - Rolling Stone
Madonna goes back to the '80s posting vintage snaps on Instagram - Daily Mail

Can You Name The NES Game from A Single Screenshot? - PlayBuzz
The Wrong Pac-Man Just Got Into the Video Game Hall of Fame - Kotaku
Why the music on the Sega Genesis sounded so great - Polygon
Zaxxon Review - Retro Gamer Magazine
Evel Knievel and 17 More Pop Icon Pinball Machines of the 1970s-80s - Flashbak
Sega Announce Streets Of Rage & Shenmue Remastered Vinyl Soundtracks - RetroCollect
Nintendo NES ROM Hack ‘Super Wario Bros’ Gives Mario’s Antagonist An Adventure - RetroCollect
PopRewind Podcast: Guest Phil Moore of Nick Arcade - Pop Rewind
10 80s film scenes as seen in their tie-in videogames - Den Of Geek
The 15 Oddest Game Cabinet at Twin Galaxies' New Arcade and eSports Events Center - Topless Robot
Play the pre-alpha demo of the '80s inspired Power Drive 2000 - PC Gamer

Photo Project Portraying Garbage Pail Kids From the 1980s as Real-Life Adults, Thirty Years Later - Laughing Squid
For me the 80s didn’t end with a whimper or a bang, but with a fake puking noise… - Branded In The 80s
Awesome Star Wars X-Wing Drone Takes It To The Sky - Kotaku
Back to the Future: The Inside Story of the DeLorean Time Machine - Urban Ghosts
80s And 90s Kids, Rejoice! Mixtapes Are Baaaaaaaaack - YourTango

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