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Gunship Music Video Features '80s Icons In Claymation And Narration By John Carpenter

The sythnwave band Gunship released a retro-tastic claymation music video to go with their self-titled debut album. The "Tech Noir" video features '80s pop culture icons like Robocop, He-man, and Rocky created by claymation sensation Lee Hardcastle (Ghost Burger.) Gunship appeared on the Carpenter compilation album by Retro Promenade which is probably how they were able to get horror film legend John Carpenter to narrate the "Tech Noir" video!

Need any more reasons to watch? The main character in the music video is able to load VHS tapes into his chest which enables him to become all of these '80s characters! With my love for retrowave music, claymation, and '80s pop culture, my head pretty much exploded after watching and I absolutely had to share. Check out the music video below and then also preview Gunship's album which is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify. Also visit Gunship's online shop for rad merch!

via Nerdist

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