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A Quick DeLorean Ride Recapping Back To The Future Day 2015

Great Scott!! Back To The Future Day 2015 was a tremendous event with fans and media outlets joining together to celebrate 30 years of the time travel trilogy. There were so many articles, videos, and releases to literally keep up with so I've decided to do my best to recapture the vast majority of events into one quick DeLorean ride through the day! Buckle up because here we go!

The day began with Doc Brown welcoming us to the future. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson had a reunion on Today. Doc and Marty were also taken for a ride in Toyota's new trash-powered Mirai car. Michael J. Fox informed us that Nike sent him a hand-written letter stating that the auto-lacing MAG shoes will be a reality in 2016 and even showed us trying on the very first pair. A glorious live reunion ended BTTF Day 2015 with Doc and Marty (and the DeLorean Time Machine) making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (above.)

Other videos released throughout the day included an Honest Trailer for BTTF Part II by Screen Junkies, Everything Wrong With BTTF Part II by CinemaSins, 12 BTTF Part II Predictions That Came True by Beyond Science, Teens Reacting to BTTF Part II by The Fine Brothers, How Much Would It Cost To Build The Time Machine by Movieclips Trailers, and a Self-driving Electric Drifting DeLorean by Stanford University.

Several podcasts among the '80s community I follow were released yesterday. Of course, I'll begin with a new RD80s podcast featuring Jason and Wyatt discussing our memories with the Back To The Future franchise. Lee and Linz from Pop Rewind also shared their excitement on The Future Is Now podcast. Also, Steve and the gang at Stuck in The 80s shared their experiences with BTTF Part II.

Some new Back To The Future merchandise has been brought to my attention over the past couple days. Hot Toys teased us yesterday with a new 1/6 scale BTTF Part II Marty McFly action figure. The first comic book in the new Back To The Future series from IDW is now available through digital outlets like Comixology. has a Funko POP! BTTF Part II Marty McFly figure that's now available for preorder. Entertainment Earth revealed a new Minimates BTTF Part III Rail Ready DeLorean and Marty Set as well as a DeLorean Woven Tapestry Blanket and an Electric Slot Car Racing Set that are all now available for preorder. Also check out the BTTF Collector's Edition Yahtzee with a light-up flux capacitor shaker on Amazon.

As of today, the prices on the previously-announced 30th anniversary merch are still on sale on Amazon. The new BTTF Complete Adventures Blu-ray is "hovering" around $88 (DVD $60). The Blu-ray Trilogy was going for $30 (DVD $23) and the BTTF Ultimate Visual History book was also $30.

There were an insane number of BTTF articles published yesterday and even trickled into today's headlines. The first I'll begin with is this report from Deadline that the trilogy's re-release to theaters yesterday grossed $4.8 million worldwide. The films will continue their run through the weekend (YES!!) so check your local theater.

Here's a large sampling of BTTF articles that showed up in my feed:

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