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Never-Before-Seen Photos From New 'Back To The Future: The Ultimate Visual History' Book

Only a few more days remain until #BTTF2015 Day! One of the official goodies being released this week is the new 242-page book Back To The Future: The Ultimate Visual History. The book promises "hundreds of never-before-seen images from all three movies" and io9 gave us a sneak peek at 8 new images this past weekend. Take a look below...

Ron Cobb’s blueprint of the Delorean.

Call sheet for the first day of filming.

Iconic scenes that were shot with Eric Stoltz before he was replaced by Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox and Michael Lantieri on the set of Back to the Future Part II, working with the self-lacing Nikes.

Hoverboard design by John Bell.

There’s a great write up in the book on the way Zemeckis and team covered up the fact Crispin Glover wasn’t in Part II.

Shooting the finale of Back to the Future Part III.

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