Retro80s SoundCould Sampler - Back To The Future Edition

Back To The Future Day is tomorrow! In celebration, I've come up with a special edition of the monthly Retro80s SoundCloud Sampler. One of the contributing factors to the iconic status of the Back To The Future trilogy is the music. Alan Sylvestri's score seamlessly fits with the films and of course, tracks like "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News will forever be linked to the franchise.

In this sampler, I've scoured SoundCloud for some fun remixes of BTTF music. You'll hear 11 remixes of the main theme including the recent release by Eclectic Method, piano/keyboard melodies, chiptune, hip hop, dance, and more styles. I've also found 3 remixes of the "Power of Love" that I've added to the end of the sampler.

Several are available as free downloads so be sure to take advantage of those. Otherwise, I hope you find a few tunes that you will enjoy and add to your BTTF experience this week!

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