Recurrent Events 11/27/15: 'Gremlins 3' Will Be A Sequel, Ecto-Cooler Trademark Renewed, Kevin Bacon In New 'Tremors' TV Series

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! Happy Thanksgiving! A little late but I hope everyone got to eat some turkey with their family yesterday and celebrate our blessings.

I had some technically difficulties with this week's podcast in that Google Hangouts decided to omit 3 of the topics in playback. My apologies to the guests, but I was able to salvage two topics so take a listen. Hopefully the other topics can be recovered and I'll insert those at a later date. (UPDATE: All 5 topics have been restored!!!) Stream the podcast below and please subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For Android users, Google Play will be offering podcasts soon and I've preregistered both the Recurrent Events and RD80s podcasts. I'll give you a heads up when they become available.

Headlines this week include the Lost in Space TV series reboot at Netflix plus a fun holiday topic as we discuss some remakes that we are actually thankful for. Guests include Erik Tukey (@boulderhillnet), Brain "Hail Mary" Morin (@bmorin54), Chad E. Young (@horrormoviebbq) and Wyatt Bloom (@infamouswb). Stream the latest episode above or visit the Recurrent Events Podcast webpage. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

Check out the articles posted this week on RD80s:

The A.V. Club led me to a video this week that I had not seen before. With Star Wars on everyone's mind, they explored a few obscure references to the film which included a skit in the short-lived "Richard Pryor Show" in 1977. It features Pryor working in the Cantina bar and having to deal with all the different creatures. Hilarious!

Video of the Week
"Richard Pryor - Star Wars Bar" by almostpink

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Nov 27, 2015!

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Remember That Time Rocky Balboa (Briefly) Joined G.I. Joe? - UPROXX
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If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive!

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