Infographic Remembers How Difficult It Was To Find Someone In The '80s

Technology has progressed so much since the '80s that I think it's fun to remember "how we used to do it" just 3 decades ago. I recently come across an infographic from Whitepages UK that took me back to the time of digging through the phone book and writing letters to track down old friends.

Thumbing through the phone book might find you a list of names to call with your Garfield phone, In the US, some addresses still used rural routes which meant cross-referencing with a street or neighborhood wasn't possible. Writing letters through the mail took time and also had no guarantee that the wrong person receiving the letter would take the time to right you back and tell you the long lost person in question had moved. 

If you really wanted to stalk track down a person like they did in '80s movies or TV detective shows, you could always sift through public records at your local city hall or hire the local Magnum, P.I. wannabe. But thanks to internet search capabilities and social media, the hard work of finding someone has become as easy as swiping a finger. Check out the infographic below produced by telephone directory website Whitepages below….

How to find someone
Image source: Whitepages - How to find someone with the edited Electoral Roll

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