Recurrent Events 11/13/15: Spy Hunter Movie Rumors, Guns N' Roses Possible Reunion, More 'Fuller House' Set Photos

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the new Recurrent Events! It's Friday the 13th and also my birthday, so allow me to slash my way through this week's best headlines. I'm looking forward to a night on the town tonight having a birthday, a happy birthday. James Bond movies are always released in November so it's usually customary to go see the latest flick on my birthday. I noticed this morning that Spectre is a whopping 2.5 hours so the wife and I will get some extra time away from the kids!

Something had to go wrong on Friday the 13th. I uploaded today's podcast last night but apparently my host site chopped it into little bits and buried it in the backyard. However, it is finally live! I had a great time this week with 3 new guest hosts who were very entertaining and also made great points. Take a listen!

This week's podcast topics include Nintendo's plan for mobile games, The Joy of Painting taking residency on Twitch, Spy Hunter movie rumors, Guns N' Roses original lineup reuniting, Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter comeback, and the Baywatch movie reboot. Guests are Erik Tukey (@BoulderHillNet), Rob O'Hara (@Commodork), and Classick (@ClassickMateria). Stream the latest episode above or visit the Recurrent Events Podcast webpage. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

Check out the articles posted this week on RD80s:

I'm a big sports fan and enjoy the ESPN "30 for 30" documentaries. This week College Humor released a parody documentary imagining if Rocky IV had taken place for real. I found it very entertaining, even using commentary from actual ESPN personalities. Well deserving of the Video of the Week!

Video of the Week
"If Rocky 4 Happened For Real (30 for 30 Parody)by CollegeHumor

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Nov 13, 2015!


Fuller House: New Photos Reveal the Tanner Home's Updated Look - TVline
Top 8 Nickelodeon shows of the 1980s - ABC Action News
Mondo: Batman: The Animated Series Vinyl Box Set Pre-Order Opens Next Week - Cool Toy Review
On the Set: AJ Michalka Takes Us Inside The Goldbergs' Totally '80s Home - TV Guide
The Facts Of Life Then And Now - PlayBuzz
William Shatner is pitching a Star Trek 50th-anniversary musical - A.V. Club
‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Goes To Shout! Factory - Deadline
MST3K creator Joel Hodgson asking for $2 million via Kickstarter to bring the show back - Polygon
Twitch bringing Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting back every Monday - Polygon
This Remix Of "The Golden Girls" Theme Song Will Brighten Your Day - BuzzFeed
‘Nothing Means Nothing’: Remembering ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s Craziest Interviews - UPROXX

Scott Weiland Claims Guns N’ Roses Is Getting Their Original Lineup Back Together - UPROXX
Nikki Sixx Fuels Guns N' Roses Reunion Speculation - RollingStone
These Guns N’ Roses Reunion Rumors Are Heating Up With Some Very Telling Hints - UPROXX
Guns N' Roses expected to reunite original lineup for world tour - Stuck in the 80s
It’s Rumor Time: Guns N’ Roses—the actual band—might be reuniting - A.V. Club
5 Reasons Guns N' Roses Will Reunite and 5 Reasons They Won't - RollingStone
Roland Boutique Series Review: Retro Synth Sound for Modern Day Dial Turners - Gizmodo
A Tribe Called Quest Will Reunite Again on The Tonight Show This Friday - Vulture
Will Smith's Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Include '80s Fashion - E! Online
How REO Speedwagon Revolutionized Albums' Singles Releases, From 'Thriller' to '1989' - Billboard
Forget Spuds MacKenzie, the hippest mutt of the '80s was 'Atomic Dog' - Stuck in the 80s
Review: Glass Tiger frontman's solo album hits mostly the right notes - Stuck in the 80s
Kurt Cobain's Sweater Sells for $140,800 at Auction - Neatorama
Greg Gold, Director of ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ Music Video, Dies at 64 - Hollywood Reporter
'I Want My 80s Concert' Review: Debbie Gibson, Lou Gramm & More (Exclusive Video) - Billboard

Nintendo To Release Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow On Virtual Console For Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary - RetroCollect
The High Performance Machine: Remembering GCE’s Vectrex (1982) - Flashbak
All Nintendo mobile games in development are free-to-play - Polygon
National Videogame Museum set to open in December - Polygon

Our First Look Inside the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Reveals So Many Wonderful Details - Gizmodo
1981 Parkes Run Colouring Book Catalog - Plaid Stallions
Hello, My Name is Jason #FanArtFridaythe13th - Strange Kids Club
Take a Shot First with this Han Solo Blaster Flask - Nerdist
The Nerdwriter Explores the Evolution of Batman’s Gotham City - Laughing Squid
Toy Aisle Memories: Kay-Bee Toys - The Fwoosh
So how does a $1.5 million Ghostbusters board game play? - Polygon
Top 8 Toys Every '80s Kid Wanted for Christmas - The Denver Channel
Top 8 Snacks We Miss From the 80s - The Denver Channel
5 '80s Fonts You Probably Haven't Considered Using - SitePoint
Trapper Keeper, the Sophisticated School Supply - Branded in the 80s

If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive!

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