Recurrent Events Jan 8 2016: New 'Tales From The Crypt' Series, Boyz II Men Joins 'Grease', 'Ghostbusters' Figures Sneak Peek

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! 2016 is here and I'm excited to continue the Recurrent Events wrapup and especially the new podcast. If you haven't been listening, please check it out as we have a great time reacting to the latest headlines. If you have listened to a few shows, get ready for some improvements like a new intro/outro, new backing music from Bart Graft, and hopefully some new voices to join our panel (not that I don't appreciate all the guests!)

Hopefully you've also noticed the fresh look for the website in 2016! I'm always looking for ways to improve the layout and interaction so your feedback is appreciated. I'm also contemplating a new logo so look for that in 2016 as well.

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Headlines discussed this week include Michael Bay's return to Transformers for 5th film, Voltron and X-Men receiving new animated shows, Krang in the new Ninja Turtles movie, and a first look at Paul Reubens as the Penguin's father in Gotham as well as the Fuller House cast. Guests are CT (@nerdlunch), Classick (@classickmateria) and Chad E Young (@horrormoviebbq).

I posted some fun content on the website since the last Recurrent Events. Check out what you might have missed:

My favorite video came to me courtesy He-Man.Org and features a funny stop-motion video of classic MOTU figures. Call me easily amused by I laughed out loud many times through the short. Sometimes it's the simple things, people!

Video of the Week
"He-Man: Plastic Rage - A Stop Motion Adventure" by Cade Buchanan

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If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive! [full_width]
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