10 More 80s-Themed Valentines We'd Like To Receive

Last year, I teamed up with Lee & Linz over at Pop Rewind for some Valentine's Day fun by creating our own 80s-themed valentines. The plan was for each of us to come up with five each with my Pop Rewind pals expressing their love with Ghostbusters, Die Hard, and Small Wonder valentines to name a few. Combined with the likes of Knight Rider, Goonies, and Transformers valentines that I created, it was truly one of my favorite creative ventures since RD80s came online. In fact, I had so much fun that a couple more for Back To The Future and NES came to mind after we posted our articles.

Well, love is in the air again (or maybe that's just the smell of my leftover candy) and it's time for more 80s-themed valentines! View my valentines below and then head over to Pop Rewind for their new batch! Follow us on our social media pages with the hashtag #80sValentines so you can share the '80s love with your significant other.

Now, head over to Pop Rewind to view their valentines and look for more exclusives on social media using #80sValentines hashtag!
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