Add Some Retro To Your Lunchtime With A New 80s-Themed Tin Tote Lunchbox

For most of us who have an office job, eating at a restaurant or swinging by a drive-thru everyday just isn't an option. To save a little money, we mostly "brown bag" our lunches which really isn't much fun. Well, here's a way to make packing a sandwich a little more enjoyable and also add some nostalgia to your break room. Entertainment Earth has some great new tin tote lunchboxes featuring '80s favorites that will transport you back to the cafeterias of your childhood.

Transformers Autobot Large Fun Box Tin Tote G.I. Joe Retro Large Fun Box Tin Tote Boom Box Large Fun Box Tin Tote Star Wars Episode 4 Large Square Tin Tote The Princess Bride Large Tin Tote
Pac-Man Large Tin ToteSonic the Hedgehog Large Tin ToteFriday the 13th Large Fun Box Tin ToteNational Lampoon's Vacation Walley World Large Fun BoxAC/DC Highway to Hell Large Fun Box Tin Tote

Whether you are looking for your favorite movie, cartoon, band, or video game, Entertainment Earth has a great selection. Check out the new Ghostbusters, Goonies, Transformers, and Friday the 13th totes that are now in stock. Coming soon, you can snag Pac-man, Princess Bride, and Predator. There are several temporarily out of stock like Gremlins, Back to the Future, and Beetlejuice that you can still order and will be shipped when available.

Click any of the links or images above to order your favorite! You can also browse EE's complete Lunchbox and Tin Tote selection to see what other properties are available.
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