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Recurrent Events March 11, 2016: Mr. T's Tribute To Nancy Reagan, Ducktales Reboot Photo, Apple II Games Now On Internet Archive

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! There have been many headlines since the last RE wrapup including lots of movie news like the first Ghostbusters trailer (that I examined closely.) Former first lady Nancy Reagan passed away at 94. And then there's that lady who took the cops on a high-speed chase in her Town & County Mystery Machine. Rut-Roh!!

I had some t-shirt designs come to mind over the past week and decided to open an '80s swag store on Teespring. Each shirt will have an inital 7-day goal to reach, but will also be made available after the campaign is over. I'm hoping a few people will enjoy them and in turn, help support the RD80s website. I'm gonna try to add more on a weekly basis so check back often or stayed tuned to RD80s social media for the latest additions.

Here are a some recent RD80s articles in case you missed them:

My favorite video this week came via The Laughing Squid and features a hilarously parody of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross but instead uses Super Mario Maker instead of paint. Call me easily amused, but I thought it was very funny.

Video of the Week
"The Joy of Super Mario Making" by A Dumb Thing

Here are your Recurrent Events links for March 11, 2016!

Beetlejuice Part 2 Rumors Have Been Confirmed By Tim Burton Himself! - Showbiz Spy
Every Movie Ending Is Improved By That One Stupid Dire Straits Song - io9
Pee-wee Herman Has a Bombshell Heart-to-Heart With Joe Manganiello in This Exclusive New Clip - Yahoo! Movies
'Ghostbusters' International Trailer Features More of Chris Hemsworth's Receptionist - THR
Creed Reimagined as a 1990s VHS Movie - Laughing Squid
The Animated Ghostbusters Movie Has a Director and Is, Apparently, Happening - io9
The Predator: Arnold Schwarzenegger hints at return - Den of Geek
PopRewind Podcast: Ghostbusters (2016) Movie Trailer Reaction - Pop Rewind
Today’s Must-Read: Slashfilm’s Oral History Of ‘Teen Witch’ Will Remind You Of Its Awesomeness - UPROXX



Got a link or know a great active retro pop culture blog/website? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix. If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive! [full_width]
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