Season 1 of 'The Real Ghostbusters' Is Now On Crackle

Each month, I try to inform everyone of the new '80s titles available on streaming services. Streaming the '80s usually covers Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I might have to add Crackle moving forward. I don't use Crackle very often even though it's free, mainly because you have to sit through the commercials. But I noticed in their most recent email newsletter that they added the two Ghostbusters movies AND the 1st season of The Real Ghostbusters animated series!

A couple years ago, I remember watching several episodes with my kids on YouTube. The quality was bad and as with most shows, they usually get removed pretty quickly over copyright claims. But it appears Crackle went the extra mile to snag the streaming rights so if you can sit through the commercial breaks, one of the great '80s cartoons is now available. The only downside, it's still the poor YouTube quality (480p). I know the entire series has been released on DVD, but not sure if it was ever converted into HD quality even with that release. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing.

Crackle has more classic '80s TV shows like Married...With Children and T.J. Hooker so visit Crackle on the web or download the app to your favorite device. Watch the first 26 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters now!
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