Custom Nintendo Zapper Glock Pistol Can Hunt Real Ducks (VIDEO)

We've all gotten angry at that laughing dog on Duck Hunt. Some of us may still hold a grudge. Well, this modified mid '80s Glock pistol may finally ease some of those NES frustrations on the practice range. Mashable directed me to this custom firearm created by Precision Syndicate LLC that looks strikingly similar to the Nintendo Zapper gun.

However, it's not the first of its kind. After posting the Mashable link on Facebook, a friend of mine (EngineerNerd) was quick to point me to a video of a similar Zapper Glock in action! Jerry Miculek posted a video on his popular YouTube channel back in March that shows the pistol in action. Jerry also dresses as Mario riding Yoshii to add a little humor. Add an extra long clip and some slow-motion camera work and you have some very nostalgic amusement...

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