KICKSTARTER: A Photographic Overview Of Vintage Action Figure Carrying Cases

Collector cases were the best way to store and carry your action figures in the '80s. These Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Super Powers transports were even makeshift playsets with some having interior artwork for epic battles. But whether you used them for storage or display, collector cases were often a must-have for kid collectors. And now, a new Kickstarter campaign has set out to show off these pieces of pop culture in all their glory!

Philip Reed of has chronicled over 60 action figure carrying cases from his personal collection in a new 160 page hardcover book. Action Figure Carrying Cases, A Photographic Overview will include "cases that act as vehicles, wearable cases, vinyl suitcase-like cases, and all sorts of other action figure carrying case designs of the seventies, eighties, and nineties."

Since 2012, Reed has published seven different hardcover books about toys so you can be certain his experience will show throughout this new book. "With the book designed at 9-inches wide by 6-inches tall, the landscape design works perfectly for many of the vinyl carrying cases that were so popular decades ago. Many cases are given a single page, but there are some cases -- especially the cases that double as playsets -- that cover more space in the book."

Toy collectors and action figure enthusiasts can visit the Action Figure Carrying Cases Kickstarter Campaign now to support. The campaign is nearing it's goal and you can put it over the top! 150 of the 160 pages have been completed in advance so the book may be ready to print by the time the Kickstarter ends! Rewards include some of Reed's earlier books and retailers can also take advantage of bulk pricing. More photos and information posted on Kickstarter so visit now!

Photos via Flickr

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