New Custom Hot Wheels Super Mario Cars Featuring 6 Different Characters

Nintendo and Hot Wheels are teaming up again for new Super Mario Bros. themed cars! If you are a diecast collector, you might remember that Hot Wheels already released several SMB cars last year for the video game's 30th anniversary. Those cars featured familiar graphics wrapped on traditional Hot Wheels designs.

This time, Hot Wheels is back with custom cars based on six beloved characters from Nintendo's most recognizable franchise. The announcement came through a video posted on official Hot Wheels social media accounts...

Characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, and Yoshii. Cars will be part of the Hot Wheel Entertainment Series so expect to pay around $3-$4 each. According to Mattel, shipments are on the way to department store retailers now and will be on shelves soon. If you want to skip searching retailers, you can preorder a case from Entertainment Earth now for $38 which includes one of each character and 2 extra Mario (8 cars total.)

If you want to see the cars in action, check out the special edition of Track Wars below featuting an insane SMB track that two kids attempt to complete with the new cars...

Image credit My Nintendo News

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