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Recurrent Events 9/3/2016: RIP Gene Wilder, 'Ghostbusters' Renamed For Home Video Release, New Sting Album

Welcome to your weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, the Recurrent Events! It was a very up-and-down week with being sad about the passing of Gene Wilder and then elation with Stranger Things season 2 news. Two of my favorite musicians/singers, Sting and Phil Collins, made headlines this week as well as the fun news that Nintendo is going back to cartridges for its next console. You can hear me talk more about all of those in this week's podcast.

Here are the articles released this past week in cased you missed it:

My sis-in-law shared this video with me on Facebook and I was mesmerized by it. One of my all-time favorite '80s songs is Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and Ted Yoder masterfully plays it on the hammer dulcimer...

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for Sept 3, 2016!

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters gets a new title for home video - A.V. Club
My Inner Five-Year-Old Loves These Over-The-Top Cars From Transformers: The Last Knight - Jalopnik
The Rock Reveals ‘Smoldering’ Jumanji Character Concept Art - CBR
The magic behind Stay Puft, the ‘Ghostbusters’ Marshmallow Man - Mashable
New 'Max Steel' Trailer Is Better Than International First Look - THR
Kelly Le Brock Remembers The Quieter Side Of Her ‘Woman In Red’ Co-Star Gene Wilder - UPROXX
Schlock & Awe: TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE Was Seriously Made for Kids?! - Nerdist
A 'Labyrinth' Exhibit Is Opening in Atlanta - Mental Floss
Movie Review: Kickboxer: Vengeance is almost as silly as the original - A.V. Club
Gene Wilder Classics ‘Blazing Saddles’ & ‘Willy Wonka’ Return To Theaters - Deadline
Frotcast 306: Point Break Vs. The Point Break Remake - UPROXX
Review: Transformers the Movie - Horror Movie BBQ
Tomb Raider Reboot ‘More of an Origin Story,’ Alicia Vikander Says - CBR
The Top 10 Lines From Cursing Kids in '80s Movies - LA Weekly
Back To The Future: take a look at these studio notes - Den of Geek
The Unlikely Comedy Genius Of Gene Wilder And Richard Pryor - UPROXX
Movies From The '80s That Should Be Passed From Generation To Generation - Hollywood


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