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Game Review: PinOut Pinball

I love a good pinball machine and have played several great mobile games in the app store. One that I reviewed awhile back was Ghostbusters Pinball which I still play on occasion. I was very intrigued to see the new PinOut app in my news feed recently and decided to give it a shot. I'm very glad I did and very excited to share it with pinball fans.

PinOut by developer Mediocre combines classic pinball with a continuous journey through a neon-soaked environment. The sound effects, bright lights, and retrowave soundtrack will definitely appeal to any '80s fan. Check out the official trailer...

Review: PinOut is truly an unmatched pinball experience with so many great elements beyond classic pinball. The seemingly endless road map keeps the game moving forward in a very unique way. Instead of receiving a certain amount of balls at the beginning of the game, you are racing against the clock to advance as far as possible.

Time dots on the board and mini-games give the player a chance to add more time and achieve longer distances. These mini-games are modeled after classic arcade games like Rad Racer, Asteroids, and Defender. There are also power-ups on the board which can slow or even stop time.


Best of all, PinOut is a FREE app and contains no annoying ads. Players do have the option to pay $1.99 to keep their progress and continue forward when time runs out. Check it out now on iTunes and Google Play.

Headline image courtesy Android Community

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