1989 Sears Christmas Wishbook Shopping Spree

Merry Christmas to all my fellow '80s fanatics! As I've done in past years on RD80s, I've decided to dust off a Christmas catalog and do a little shopping spree with all my driveway-shoveling money. I have fond memories of diving into catalogs like the Sears Christmas Wish Book in the weeks leading up to Christmases in the '80s. I would fold back pages and circle items for my parents to find later in hope of seeing some of them under my tree Christmas morning.

Sifting through these pages now, I like to imagine what would likely grab my attention that year based on my age. I also like finding those items that I don't even remember existed! My choice this year is the 1989 Sears Wish Book. I would have been 13 years old at the time and heavily into video games, music, and sports. Thanks to Wishbook Web, I've got 680 pages at my virtual fingertips and $500 in my virtual pocket to spend on the perfect Christmas. Let's see what goodies I can fill my stocking with...

G.I. Joe Armitron Watch for $9.97
Now, I have to admit that Pee-Wee Herman watch is pretty sweet but I can't see my 13-year old self wearing it to school. The G.I. Joe watch in the upper left is more my style and with a compass on the band, I would definitely see myself using it when my neighborhood friends and I played G.I. Joe in the woods. The Nintendo watches on Page 39 are also very appealing but I remember having the Pac-man watch and it being prohibited from wearing to school.

Nintendo Sweatshirt/Sweatpants Set for $15.99
I'm not passing on Nintendo gear this time. I'm taking the full sweatsuit with Mario and various other logos on the shirt and that huge Nintendo logo on the leg. I'll be wearing it to the mailbox to pickup my Nintendo Power magazine.

Crossfire for $23.50 total
I've always wanted Crossfire. I remember playing it at a friend's house and it somehow living up to its overhyped commercial. I didn't have any siblings so what little use I got out of it would keep it preserved so me and my kids could play now!

Tyco Sky Climber Cliffhangers & 2-car Set for $78.63 total 
One of my biggest Christmas wants but never got was a nice slot car racing set. This zero-gravity track by Tyco ("of course!") would have been a dream come true. And just for giggles, I'm gonna get the extra 2-car set including a Porsche 935 and the legendary '80s Lamborghini Countach.

ALF Telephone for $49.88
With the famous Garfield phone and also a LEGO phone on page 605, this was really a tough "call." I had not remembered this ALF phone at all and I was a huge fan of the show so I'll take it. Now, the question is does it come with an answering machine with his own personal message?

SoundDesign CD Player Stereo for $284.94
I didn't get a CD player boombox until the early 90s so I'm upgrading now! At the time, I don't think any of my friends had one so I know I'll be the talk of the neighborhood. Plus, it can play my cassettes until I can save up enough to acutally buy some CDs!

Well, with $37.09 left in my pocket, I'll call it quits and use that to start my CD collection. I can picture it now, listening to Run-D.M.C. on my new stereo...my ALF phone rings and it's my pal Tim wanting to come over. I greet him at the door in my Nintendo sweatsuit and ask him if he wants to play some Crossfire or race slot cars. Now that's a 1989 Christmas dream come true! 

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