Free DIY Paper Foldables For Adam Bomb, Mike Tyson, and Other '80s Characters

Thanks to a recent article on Plastic and Plush, I was introduced to some really fun papercraft figures based on '80s characters and beyond. Bryan at Paper Foldables has created these paper toys professionally for several companies like Amazon, 2K Games, Bass Pro Shops, Capcom, Cartoon Network, NASCAR, and more. I've seen these simple and easy-to-assemble figures on sites like Deviant Art and even purchased some for my kids (and myself with a Batman '66 set) from retailers.

Bryan's figures go beyond what I've seen available that are free-to-download templates. He uses some unique angles and larger 1-piece cutouts for some really great renditions of the characters. And let's talk about those for a sec ... Adam Bomb?! Krang?! The Whammy from Press Your Luck?! Pitfall Harry?! Man, some of my favorites and some I would've never thought to create. A few more templates he's created from my favorite decade includes Mike Tyson from Punch-out!, Street Fighter, Dr. Wily from Mega Man, Tetris, Atari 2600 versions of Pac-man, E.T., and Berzerk, and an Atari 2600 console business card holder. Modern characters include Regular Show, Adventure Time, Duke Nukem Forever, Bioshock 2, and many others.

Head over to Paper Foldables now to see all the great templates available to download as a high quality PDFs. One of the benefits of working at a printing company is I have access to card stock paper and high quality printers. That means, I've printed several templates and plan to include some in future giveaways! Leave a comment with what characters you would like to see Bryan create at Paper Foldables.

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