In this special episode, Wyatt and Jason discuss innovations from the 80s and how they impacted their lives. We brainstormed a list of many items from technology to toys to pop culture in general and chose our Top 3 favorites. We then run down the rest of the list and even share some instant feedback from Twitter. It was a real fun conversation about how unique the 1980s decade truly was.

Our podcast is part of another 80s League crossover event! We invite you to continue the #80sInnovations topic by visiting the contributions from our friends!

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Mentions and Name Drops: Walkman, Discman, Answering machine, VCR, Camcorder, Arcades, Video game consoles, Tabletop arcade games, Personal computer, Car phones, Cell phones, Cordless phones, Space shuttle, MTV, Microwave, Teddy Ruxpin, Magic Mike Robot, Gameboy, Electronic Fuel Injection, McRib, Shamrock Shake

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