Men's Fashion Trends of the '80s That Should Never Come Back

When people look back on the '80s, the decade often seems brighter than the present. Brighter and happier. People may seem kinder at that time than now and the sun seemed to give less radiation than it gives off today, TV shows and movies seem to be more interesting and funnier. Though, the one objective advantage of the past over the present is that it is not uncertain any more. We know how all events of our past life turned out and do not experience the stress of them any more. We know how we passed our exams, whether our first love was mutual, and whether our first gambling experience on online casino website was lucky or not.

The present is still uncertain and stressful, but in my mind, it's can still be better in many ways like fashion, for example. I'm really glad men’s fashion of the '80s has not made a comeback by any means. Why? Let’s look at how fashion impacted a man's appearance in the 1980s. Here are a few examples to dust out the cobwebs of nostalgia and refresh our memories...

Jackets with shoulder pads - Once a must-have for men in the '80s, shoulder pads were a mainstay and had a mission to make shoulders look broader. It was hard to imagine a businessman of that time wearing a suit without these magic pads turning an ordinary man into Sonny Crockett or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, they just created a weak illusion but were very popular with both men and women.

Hairstyles - A haircut is very strong in delivering to society your personality and outlook. Hairstyles of the '80s gave much space for self-expression for men, especially in show business. They could choose a perm, flattops, mullets, mohawks and even rattails. Gel and hairspray were used to make hair shiny or big. In some cases, I would say '80s guys spent as much time on their hair as their female counterparts.

Fringe - Another '80s fashion trend that embarrassed men is fringe. It had no other function except serving as a decorative element, mainly on leather jackets. Nowadays, some people love collecting vintage clothing, but something tells me that those hunters would even pass on the strange men-and-fringe combination that surfaced in the '80s.

Neon - The epidemic known as neon spread all over the country in the '80s. A man wearing neon and black colors in itself would have meant he wouldn't have to change from his day job as a circus clown back when neon was the height of the fashion. But if he managed to combine all the above trends like a mullet, a fringe denim with shoulder pads into one outfit, he could have been easily been worshipped as a rock star.

Men’s fashion of the '80s was a bit ridiculous, brave and even fun. but even though we associate the outfits of that time with the good old days, some trends are best left to their time.

Image credits: Pinterest, FanPop, Design Juices, Fashionisto
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