Recurrent Events Update: 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Premiere Date?, Double Dragon IV Now Available, 'Lost Boys' TV Series Delayed

Welcome to the Recurrent Events weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, links, videos, and more! February is here which means Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. RD80s will be participating again with our friends Lee and Linz of Pop Rewind for another round of '80s Valentines We'd Like To Receive. I've had so much fun each year creating these and can't wait to share mine and see what the PR peeps have come up with too!

There is another Twitter Giveaway currently running through Feb 7 featuring an '80s Adventure Prize Pack! Click over to the contest tweet and retweet it to gain an entry. Also be sure you follow RD80s. One lucky winner will get DVDs of The Goonies and D & D The Animated Series: Beginnings, a Raiders of the Lost Ark wax pack, and 3 vintage Choose Your Own Adventure books!

Here are some recent RD80s articles in case you missed them:
I'm finally off the "Easily Amused" wagon with the new video of the week. I chose a mini-doc from the Gaming Historian about how the Pac-man knockoff K.C. Munchkin set the tone for video game copyright laws.

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for Feb 4, 2017!

Dune reboot: Denis Villeneuve confirmed to direct - Den of Geek
Original 'Star Wars' VFX Master Reveals the Hardest Scenes to Get Just Right - THR
Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic - Gizmodo
Is Wayne’s World Still Excellent 25 Years Later? - Vulture
‘Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas’ Actor Frank Pellegrino Dies at 72 - Variety
The Equalizer 2 costs Scarface remake its director - Den of Geek
The Long-Awaited Live-Action Rats of NIMH Movie Has Found Its Director - io9
Highlander reboot: director plans a trilogy - Den of Geek
This Blade Runner Fan Film Looks Absolutely Gorgeous - io9
Blade Runner 2049: Dave Bautista on his role - Den of Geek
It Was Originally A Horror Movie And Other Facts About ‘E.T.’ - UPROXX
The Official Art of Big Trouble in Little China - CBR
ROGUE ONE’s 8-Bit Version Has A Much Happier Ending - Nerdist
Friday the 13th Reboot to Begin Filming in March - CBR


There's A New Double Dragon Game Out Today - Kotaku
Minecraft Castle Grayskull by Thunderkill - He-Man.Org
Twin Dragons NES Demo for the NesDev Compo 2016 Released! - Vintage is the New Old
Backlit Game Boy Color Handhelds Hit Chinese Retailer On TaoBao - RetroCollect
Unreleased Nintendo 64 Game 'Riqa' Discovered - RetroCollect
“Revell’s Insta-Win Video Game” Ad from 1982 - BattleGrip
'Super Mario Maker' level is pure chaos - Mashable
Donkey Kong 64 Speedrunner Finds Hidden Coin After 17 Years - Kotaku
Super Mario Run update adds an easy mode - Polygon
12 Ways to Build Your Own Retro Game Machine - Gizmodo
In memoriam: Namco founder Masaya Nakamura - Den of Geek
A Handmade Nintendo Controller Belt or Bandolier - Laughing Squid
Total Recall: axed ZX Spectrum game emerges -  Den of Geek

This What The World Looked Like In 1987 - BuzzFeed Rewind
Custom Beverly Hills Cop Banana & Tailpipe Playset - Death By Toys
2017 JoeCon Convention Box Set Battle Force 2000: Blaster Figure - Toy News International
2017 JoeCon Convention Box Set Battle Force 2000: Dodger Figure - Toy News International
1984 is coming to Broadway - A.V. Club
He-Man Newspaper Comic Strips collection from Dark Horse in comic shops today - He-Man.Org
Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection Released by Cryptozoic - Cryptozoic
Johnuary – A summary of the month - Retromash
Exhibition Celebrates the 1980s in Greece - Greek Reporter
25 '80s Toys That'll Make You Say "Holy S***! I Forgot About Those" - BuzzFeed Rewind
The Strongest Marvel Characters (According To ’90s Trading Cards) - CBR
He-Man: 15 Most Powerful Masters of the Universe - CBR
Hit the Slopes in Flashy '80s-Inspired Ski Gear From Tipsy Elves - mental_floss

Got a link or know any active retro pop culture blogs/websites that are worth including with the Recurrent Events? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix! If you missed last week's news update, visit the Recurrent Events archive.

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