Recurrent Events Update: Disney Greenlights 'Tron 3', Another Nickelodeon TMNT Reboot, Tears For Fears/Hall & Oates Tour

Welcome to the Recurrent Events weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, links, videos, and more! This week started off sad with the passing of actor Bill Paxton and TV icon Judge Joseph Wapner. There were several roles I enjoyed by Paxton, like Chet Donnelly in Weird Science and several in the '90s. One of my dad's favorite programs for years was The People's Court and I have vivid memories of watching it with him in the '80s. Our favorite decade isn't getting any younger and hearing the passing of pop culture icons is a cruel reminder of that.

I've been rewatching G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero as you might have noticed with this week's article. Over the past several years, I've put together several panoramas and images from M.A.S.K. and I'm planning to do more from the G.I. Joe. I'll be posting them to my G.I. Joe Is There Tumblr if you hang out on that platform. I've been posting other Joe artwork, mainly vintage, that interests me.

Here's are some RD80s articles posted this week in case you missed them:

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for March 4, 2017!

Got a link or know any active retro pop culture blogs/websites that are worth including with the Recurrent Events? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix! If you missed last week's news update, visit the Recurrent Events archive.

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